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Smart Farmers Deserve Smart Technology

We deliver digital tools focused on bringing together people, pigs, and facilities for holistic management of your production system.

Easy to use digital tools to enhance the human and animal experiences in protein production.

Precision tools for precision pig production.
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What can TellTail do for you today?

Do you know how your pigs are today? a single tool, you gain visibility and insights about feed, water, air, animals, and operations.

Simplify record-keeping and data entry.
Generate reports on daily activities.

Data insights that optimize performance of people, pigs, and facilities.
Save time, money, and headaches with predictive technology for risk mitigation.


The Daily Barn Check

TellTail’s approach is a WIN for pig production:

  • Centralized management for finishing 

  • Barn-ready

  • Works offline

  • No special hardware or equipment needed (beyond a smart device)

  • Easy to get started

  • Easy to use

  • Affordable subscription service - as low as $10 per barn per month  

We provide fine-tuned software technology to:
  • Provide actionable decision support
  • Give confidence in reducing unnecessary in-person finishing barn visits
  • Improve human performance and satisfaction
  • Improve pig performance
  • Improve barn performance
  • Reduce risk of catastrophic events
  • Simplify audit reports
  • Support accountability
You always own your data, and you agree to let us use it:
  • Third-party analytics
  • Benefit your community
  • Protect your identity and your data


TellTail was formed out of a culture of innovation by entrepreneurs and scientists in Champaign, Illinois, USA.


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